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Complete Guide to Child Care Benefits for Manufacturers

Complete Guide to Child Care Benefits for Manufacturers - New Blog Post!

Are you a manufacturing company looking to roll out child care benefits? Discover insights from real-life experience in our comprehensive guide! We cover how to attract and retain talent with family-friendly benefits, strategies for offering compelling benefits, and more.


Child care is a surprising answer to the manufacturing industry's labor challenges


Manufacturing workforce turnover rates are twice the national average – a depressing statistic that is indicative of widespread challenges for manufacturing companies today. Non-traditional working hours, such as night shifts and early openings, put critical strain on individuals who depend on alternate means of child care throughout the day. To add onto that financial burden, tight wages leave many workers struggling to afford much needed child care arrangements. Accessing and affording the right child care is thus a significant matter faced by employees in the manufacturing industry.


As manufacturers strive to attract and retain the best employees, they must constantly evaluate ways to improve company culture and provide an attractive benefits package, that helps overcome modern challenges and costs. One of these valuable yet often overlooked additions is child care services: offering assistance with child care for those parents already employed by your business.


Enter child care benefits - because raising humans and machines are both very difficult.


Child Care Benefits are a great way to increase employee satisfaction while helping employers keep their competitive edge in the hiring landscape. These benefits can positively contribute to your manufacturing facility’s employee morale, retention, absenteeism, and productivity. 


Now for the solution - a comprehensive guide based on a cohort of manufacturing clients.


We have analyzed the strategies implemented by several of our manufacturing clients and compiled the most effective practices into a detailed guide for implementing a child care benefit program specifically tailored to the manufacturing workers.


In the guide we cover: 


  • How child care benefits can attract and retain manufacturing talent

  • Top strategies for offering compelling child care benefits 

  • Simple tips on government child care subsidies so you don't overspend


We understand how challenging it is to create a robust yet cost efficient total rewards program for you and your team – especially so during these peculiar times. But peculiar times call for finding unique levers to solve challenging problems cost-effectively. And we hope at the end of the guide you'll be a child care benefit believer too!


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