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How an Electric Automotive Manufacturer Scaled With A Comprehensive Child Care Benefit by Kinside

How an Electric Automotive Manufacturer Scaled With Comprehensive Child Care Benefits | Kinside Child Care

Read the full case study and results on workplace child care benefits from Kinside



A major electric automotive manufacturer implemented a comprehensive, nationwide child care benefit that helped massively scale their workforce. By offering Kinside, this automotive company with 3000+ gave their employees access to a network of vetted childcare providers alongside a modern search experience that families needed to find and enroll in the right programs for their little ones.


Employees loved that Kinside significantly reduced the time it takes to find the right child care care while also saving an average of $2000 dollars per family.



THE PROBLEM: A busy HR team was looking for a child care benefit for their diverse workforce


The HR team had a big business goal in front of them. Scaling their workforce, and opening new manufacturing sites across the nation. Ultimately they would tripple the size of their workforce in a few years. One big hurdle to relocating existing employees was child care. The HR team knew they needed to meet two sets of very different child care needs of both tech employees and manufacturing employees. Both groups had different work schedules, wages, and childcare preferences, so a one-size child care program wasn't right for them.


ENTER THE SOLUTION: Kinside's Modern Child Care Benefit


Kinside's end-to-end child care search platform helped the HR team massively scale their workforce. Kinside was able to aggregate rich child care provider coverage across their new US locations like Irvine CA, The San Francisco Bay Area, and Bloomington, Illinois. And also, provide a modern, easy-to-use search experience for their employees. Employees could use the search platform on-demand whenever they needed, or they could choose to work with Kinside's Concierge Team who take on much of the tactical and time-intensive burden of finding care.


REVEL IN THE OUTCOMES: High employee satisfaction and so much more.


Check out the full case study to see the results. This automotive company has grown to over 14000+ workforce and Kinside remains their trusted childcare benefits partner. See the employee satisfaction score that will knock your socks off, and all the additional customer results we saw.



Read the full case study here:
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