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Introducing Kinside's Waitlist 2.0

We’re excited to share that we’ve completely redesigned your waitlist. With a new look, more family details, and enhanced filtering for you to sort your waitlist, your waitlist is better than ever.

In addition to these great improvements, your waitlist is already effortlessly managed and organized — without you needing to do a thing. Do you know everything your waitlist can do?

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Here’s a glimpse at everything your waitlist does for you:

  • Effortless Family Registration: Easy waitlist sign-up and updates. Simply send families an invite or have them sign up directly from your website.
  • Custom Questions: Add custom questions about what matters most to your program (i.e. are they potty trained?).
  • Automated Information Management: Indefinite storage of family details for optimal matching.
  • Automagic Organization: Your waitlist is automatically organized and sortable by classroom or age group.
  • Self-Cleaning for Faster Enrollment: Forget calling families one by one to see if they’re still interested. We’ll send a monthly SMS to confirm a family's continued interest in your program and remove them if they’ve found a spot elsewhere.
  • Age-Based Auto-Adjustments: Automatic age group updates when a child’s birthday indicates they have aged out of your set classrooms or age groups.
  • Priority-Based Sorting: Sort your waitlist according to your priorities! We’ll offer spots according to your preferences.
  • Seamless Spot Offers: We’ll automatically sort your waitlist to find the perfect families for your opening, allow you to set a preferred order, and start the automated offer process.
  • Hassle-Free Acceptance: Seamless spot offers and instant deposit payments. Set a preferred amount of time for your spot offer to expire and move onto the next family.
  • Streamlined Enrollment: Quick completion of enrollment paperwork upon offer acceptance.
  • Marketplace Exposure: No fit from your waitlist? Kinside will post any unclaimed spots to a wider audience for faster filling.

Log into your Kinside account to see for yourself!

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